Data Management Trends for Distribution and Manufacturing companies


Data management is the art of harnessing the power of data as a precious asset for any organization. It encompasses the process of collecting, analyzing, safeguarding, storing, and retrieving data to empower productivity, streamline operations, and facilitate informed decision-making.

To achieve effective data management, a well-crafted data strategy and reliable techniques are crucial to seamlessly integrate, refine, govern, and optimize data for valuable insights. Think of data management as the backbone that unifies every stage of the information lifecycle.


Join this exclusive session and discover the latest 6 Data Management trends that manufacturers should be aware of: 

  • Cloud-Based Data Management
  • The rise of AI and Machine Learning
  • More focus on data privacy and security
  • Wider adoption of self-service analytics and advanced tools
  • More enforced data governance policies
  • More focus on data quality
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